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The Unique Method of Skywriting in Mass Advertising

unique skywriting

This type of advertisement has been going on for a few years now.   The method of skywriting makes use of aircrafts powered by jet steam to display eye catching puffs of smoke that form lines or shapes which calls you to attention..  From being a favorite past time, skywriting has become more than just a display of entertainment.  This technique has paved its way the media circle wherein advertisement strengthened its appeal.

Skywriting is an aerial advertising service that can be witnessed during outdoor events that call for a celebration like sport shows, air shows, the holidays and just anytime vacation season.  The factors that drive this spectacular display would be a well powered jet plane or a similar craft with a skilled pilot who has been well trained to do exactly his thing.

If you are wondering how much the total cost is of having to get your message across the horizon, then it would be best for you to look around for competitive rates as the prices actually range depending on the different factors involved.  Also, you would want to take a look at the technical skills of the pilot and the crew that the companies hire and of course, the aircraft that they will be using, as well as other expenses.

Aerial advertising has proven to have shown its bite to the advertising industry as a whole lot of companies have invested in it as their form of market strategy.  As research showed that this is one form of advertising that allows a larger percentage of information retention than most types of ads such as print, TV, and radio.   This has by far caught the attention of today’s advertising companies since people are in the market for something that definitely stands out from the rest.

Skywriting would easily have an access to those crowds of people in open areas where they will find it will be easy to have their message sent across.   Puffs of air, made from biodegradable substances in order to abide by environmental standards, are used by the jet to display the message which will be written in just a few seconds.  These messages also would tend to be eye catching since they can be as large as building and would last about 7 to 8 minutes in the sky.

What’s more good news about this form of media is that it is competitively within the range of cost or if you take a look at it per thousand, it is relatively cheaper.  A TV ad would last you only about 30 seconds and you would probably have missed half of it if you surf continuously through channels.  Which would be more appealing to you?  A large message written in the sky viewed by a lot of people would definitely work.

This is one of those methods that covers a very wide rang of audience since the message is seen by millions across the sky at a given period of time during a longer period of time as compared to watching TV commercials, listening to radio stints or passing through print ads.

This is a new era to advertising and it’s no wonder why a lot of people are doing this.  People are recognizing and appreciating its sense of advertising and more investors are trying it out since it is cost effective and covers a wider range of audience than most advertisements would.

Have you ever been drawn to look up at the sky and saw writings form from clouds in the air? That is what we call Skywriting. This is today’s way of catching a huge crowd’s attention among all the advertisements plastered on city walls, posts, and billboards.

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Using Skytyping to Boost Your Advertising Results


The sky is not the limit; it is the opportunity for serious mass advertising. The success of banner ads and skywriting prove that. A banner ad is a streamer or billboard dragged behind an airplane over a large gathering of people. Skywriting, on the other hand, contains no printed material. The plane actually writes the message with smoke on the canvas of the sky.

Skywriting is done by injecting a paraffin oil into the exhaust of the airplane, causing a white smoke to form. When this is done at strategic times, then the result is forming letters and thus a message for all below to read. The letters are huge, a mile tall, and written somewhere from 7000 to 17,000 feet altitude.

A unique form of skywriting is called, among other things, skytyping. Five or six planes fly in unison over the selected area. A computer on the lead plane decides when each plane is to make smoke and for how long. The result is a series of dashes in a straight line. When viewed from the ground, these dots or dashes of smoke together form parts of letters and eventually an entire word or sentence, much like the dots on a computer screen form a word or picture.

Skywriting and skytyping each have their pluses and minuses. One advantage to skytyping is that the message is made much quicker. A skywriting pilot can form a letter in 60 to 90 seconds while only a few seconds are needed with skytyping. This means the entire message is still visible for several minutes after it is finished. The length of time needed for skywriting means the first letters probably have drifted away by the time the message is finished.

Skywriting demands a skilled pilot who can maneuver a plane in every direction. He must also be somewhat of an artist to make the message uniform so it can be read. The skytyping pilots only need to fly in a straight line. The computer does all the deciding when to make the white smoke.

Because skywriting only needs one or two planes, the cost is less than hiring a whole fleet of planes to make one message. Geico insurance has made the skytyping their name against the sky famous.

Both methods have things in common. First, the preparation is simple. No need for printing or color design is necessary. The skywriting pilot plans how to write his message backwards so the people below see it frontwards. The skytyping pilots simply enter the message in the computer and let it do the work. Second, the message in both cases is environmentally friendly. The paraffin smoke is harmless to nature.

Skywriting, skytyping, and aerial advertising have something in common as well. All of them use the canvas of the sky, presenting their message to an audience without competition. Dollar for dollar on skywriting costs, advertisers are learning that this is an effective way to make their message known.

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