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Aerial Advertising and Spring Break

Spring Break is here! This means AirSign is busy on the beaches. We have several large companies which we are advertising for this Spring. We are excited about the new relationships we have made and look forward to making more. One of the things that brings AirSign above all of the other banner tow companies, is how we value the relationship with our clients. We take our duty of advertising for these companies very seriously. The individual that sells the job is the same person who is there to walk you through the whole process and endurance of the contract. We will do everything we can to make your advertising effective and make this a wonderful experience for you and your company.

Now, I would like to talk to you a little bit about Aerial Advertising. What makes this way of advertising different and more effective than all the other types of advertising? Keeping reading, I have the answers. We’ll start with beating out the billboards — say your driving down the Interstate or you’re in a big city, you are overwhelmed with billboards. There are so many that you can’t see each one as an individual advertisement. They are just a sea of colors and words. Five minutes after seeing all these signs, you won’t remember what you just saw. Now let’s switch to radio and TV ads. When the commercials come on the radio, I always switch the station. Never fails. Then, with TV ads, 99% of the time I switch the channel or I get up to get a snack or drink.

This is where Aerial Advertising rises above all the others. When your Aerial Billboard is flying in the sky, it is not overcome by all the other aerial signs in the sky. The sky isn’t full of billboards so your sign can’t help but be noticed and remembered. I can still remember all the aerial banners I saw last Spring Break in Panama City!

This year, we are in several locations doing Spring Break work. We still have available times that your company can take advantage of and join the world of Aerial Advertising. We have people here ready to assist you in every way possible to get your company to in the sky!

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AirSign Aerial Advertising Works With HP

Watch AirSign at work…

One of the companies AirSign advertised for at the Super Bowl was Hewlett Packer. We flew a giant Aerial Billboard the whole weekend of the Super Bowl. This was HP’s first time to do Aerial Advertising and they were extremely happy with all that AirSign has done for them. Our goal is to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations and we did nothing less for HP.

The weather in Dallas had us a little worried as to whether we would be able to fly all the hours our clients had asked for. AirSign was able to step up to the plate and still fly all the hours booked. Our company is equipped and prepared for what may come up with weather and all that is involved with Aerial Advertising.

We had our own professional videographer at the events to capture this special time for our clients.

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Capture Your Prospect’s Attention at the Beach

beach ad

The beach is the perfect place to relax and find peace of mind with its gentle breeze and cool waters. Yet, behind those sandy shores and clear waters is where opportunities flock. People find it appealing to gather on beaches hence, enabling them to do many good things. It is a possibility of rekindling a lost love or a possibility to express and tell anybody what you want to say. It is a place where you can think of anything. That is the best time for businesses to grab the chance to advertise what they can offer. Beach aerial advertising then is the perfect tool.

Beach aerial advertising is an eye-catching advertisement that conveys messages of products and services offered of personal thoughts of love, appreciation and apology through a banner up in the air tailed by an airplane. See a regular person on a hot day. The warm weather, arid throats and alluring cold waters add up to many thoughts in the mind. Would it be nice to have a Suntan lotion for a perfect tan? Or a very cold ice cream or iced cola to satisfy my thirst? Or some gears to help me enjoy the cold waters? These are needs that one person can think that requires solution. What more to the rest of the people in that same condition?

Creating a solution is not enough if not conveyed to people in need of such. Hence, advertising can easily convey your solution to anyone in need of it. An attractive form of advertisement is a good strategy to outshine rivals even with overused and crowded forms of promotions. Beach aerial advertising is one of a kind advertisement that attracts people at one glance with its capacity to convey messages up in the air. This is among the innovative since people fancy something new and up to date.

Not only does it work in advertisement, beach aerial advertising is a moving way of expressing one’s feelings for another. See a man lost for words in telling his woman how much he loved her. Take her to the beach, one of the most romantic places in the world. With those cool breezes, gentle sounds of water splashing and bare feet on sandy shores, the man looks the woman in her eyes with a tiny box in one hand and an airplane with the sweet message of “Will you marry me?” The woman will be dumb folded and say nothing but yes to a great man who took all the effort to impress her with the perfect proposal.

Beach aerial advertising is about promoting your solution to people’s needs or expressing emotions in the most romantic and unique way. It is cost-efficient since only when the plane flies and landed will one pays for the advertisement. With beach aerial advertising, you get the best at paying less.

AirSign has been providing attention grabbing beach aerial advertising through their aerial advertising services over and around popular vacation destinations since 1996. Call them at 888-645-3442 and ask them to fly your message. It will not be forgotten.

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How Aerial Ads Are the Best Way to Reach the Spring Break Students

spring break

Yearly, spring marks the one week migration of college students to the beaches of Florida and Texas for their annual break from the books. This year an estimated 2.5 to 3 million will be basking in the sun on the beaches. They will not only spent plenty of money during that week, but they also represent $125-$130 billion dollars in spending power during the year. How that kind of money will be spent is yet to be determined, based on the skill of effective advertising aimed at them.

Many are taking their ad directly to the students in the form of an aerial banner or billboard ad. Aerial advertising is well known. A company or individual hires a plane to pull a banner displaying their message. Some banners are as long as 70 feet; they will usually display contact information such as a webpage or phone number. (Billboard aerial ads are like highway billboards only they are flown over the people instead of people driving by.) Most merchants subscribe to a flight duration of one to two hours. It is estimated that the banner is visible for about 17 seconds during each pass. How many times could the idle students read that ad if it passed by, say, 20 times? By the time an hour is up, your message will be imprinted in their brains.

Students relax and try to stop thinking deep thoughts during this week. It is a week of vacation and they have planned to spend money. As they lie on the beach, an airplane flies overhead, catching their attention. They look up and see your ad pulled behind the plane. Your company is immediately far ahead of the competition in reaching this market.

The items or services offered in the aerial ads could be for something they will want to buy when they return to college. On the other hand, many of the ads are for items they will need immediately, like ads for restaurants or clothing. Here is a wonderful chance to impact one of the largest gatherings of impulsive buyers during the whole year.

With the economy is shambles and unemployment high, many advertisers are cutting back. Instead, exploit this opportunity as a week of profit. The spring break students aren’t thinking about the economy or even the future. They just want to have some fun, regardless of the cost. One tourism expert calls them “recession-proof” since they probably aren’t going to cut their expenses for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Modern electronic technology makes the selling even quicker. One merchant says he has his phone number on the banner and, almost immediately, he is being texted with orders. Others use G3 networks to order things on the Internet. The cost of the advertising is returned quickly and profits follow.

Another advantage of aerial ads is that they can be timeless. An advertiser could pay the full amount for a banner and flight this year. When it is over, the banner can be stored and used again next year. Some might even want their banner flown during another week or in a different location. The banners are well made and will last a long time.

Many despair that the economy is bad and it will affect us all. Opportunists are, instead, using aerial advertising to make a profit on the huge crowd that will storm the beaches of Florida and Texas this March.

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Using Aerial Ads to Display Your Message in the Night Sky

What is the last frontier? Is it space as some claim? Is it the oceans? For advertisers, it may well be the sky. It is like an immense surface on which to write a message for all to see. In a way, the sky is the last frontier in advertising. Aerial advertising makes great use of this resource by displaying banners or billboards that are pulled behind planes over large crowds at a beach, sporting event or the like. This way the message is read by a large number of people in a very short time.

Not long ago aerial messages were mostly novelty announcements like wishing someone a happy anniversary or flying a proposal for marriage. But today most of the messages are advertisements for special events coming up, for products or services, or for a political candidate.

These banners or billboards are usually pulled behind airplanes though some with extra large billboards or banners have used helicopters also. Still others write their message on a blimp or use a remote controlled balloon to sell their product. Any way it is done, a message in the sky almost demands to be read by everyone aware of its presence. Advertisers have found aerial ads to be a low cost but effective way to get their message before a large audience quickly.

A more recent form of aerial advertising is night ads. These are lighted messages that can best be read once the sun goes down. One wonders if some of them might be reported as UFO’s though a quick read of the message shows it is genuine and often helpful information.

The display is made in the same way the message on the bank marquee is made, with lights forming the words or numbers. The computerized moving characters appear on the underside of the plane, from wing to wing. One company states the advertising message is displayed on a 36 foot long grid containing 252 lights. Each letter is eight feet tall.

The moving letters are about eight feet high and are made of high intensity individual lights. Like the bank sign, the message can blink on and off, can be made bold, can travel right or left, can scroll up or down, and can sweep right or left. By using a creative variety, the attention of the audience is kept as they wonder what else it will say.

This display, though not yet in color, has several advantages over daytime banner ads. The preparation of the message is just a matter of typing the words or numbers into the computer. The message can be repeated or reworded for variety. There is no need for risky low level flying to get the message into the air as with banners.  The aerial night ad can be longer and contain more information also. A disadvantage is that people are generally indoors at night and less likely to read the message.

Someone interested in this form of advertising should first work on wording their message. It is recommended that it not exceed 45 characters for this is the amount that can be scrolled across the plane during the 17 seconds of a pass. Of course, be sure all the information you want to convey is in those letters. Next, check the internet to see if a company that provides airplane banners is available to the audience you want to target. The effort and expensive will most likely pay off for writing in the sky, whether in daylight or dark, demands to be read.

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Using Skytyping to Boost Your Advertising Results


The sky is not the limit; it is the opportunity for serious mass advertising. The success of banner ads and skywriting prove that. A banner ad is a streamer or billboard dragged behind an airplane over a large gathering of people. Skywriting, on the other hand, contains no printed material. The plane actually writes the message with smoke on the canvas of the sky.

Skywriting is done by injecting a paraffin oil into the exhaust of the airplane, causing a white smoke to form. When this is done at strategic times, then the result is forming letters and thus a message for all below to read. The letters are huge, a mile tall, and written somewhere from 7000 to 17,000 feet altitude.

A unique form of skywriting is called, among other things, skytyping. Five or six planes fly in unison over the selected area. A computer on the lead plane decides when each plane is to make smoke and for how long. The result is a series of dashes in a straight line. When viewed from the ground, these dots or dashes of smoke together form parts of letters and eventually an entire word or sentence, much like the dots on a computer screen form a word or picture.

Skywriting and skytyping each have their pluses and minuses. One advantage to skytyping is that the message is made much quicker. A skywriting pilot can form a letter in 60 to 90 seconds while only a few seconds are needed with skytyping. This means the entire message is still visible for several minutes after it is finished. The length of time needed for skywriting means the first letters probably have drifted away by the time the message is finished.

Skywriting demands a skilled pilot who can maneuver a plane in every direction. He must also be somewhat of an artist to make the message uniform so it can be read. The skytyping pilots only need to fly in a straight line. The computer does all the deciding when to make the white smoke.

Because skywriting only needs one or two planes, the cost is less than hiring a whole fleet of planes to make one message. Geico insurance has made the skytyping their name against the sky famous.

Both methods have things in common. First, the preparation is simple. No need for printing or color design is necessary. The skywriting pilot plans how to write his message backwards so the people below see it frontwards. The skytyping pilots simply enter the message in the computer and let it do the work. Second, the message in both cases is environmentally friendly. The paraffin smoke is harmless to nature.

Skywriting, skytyping, and aerial advertising have something in common as well. All of them use the canvas of the sky, presenting their message to an audience without competition. Dollar for dollar on skywriting costs, advertisers are learning that this is an effective way to make their message known.

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Aerial Advertising Over Crowds

What if you could announce your product, service, or website to thousands of people at the same time, and most of them actually remember it! That is the dream come true for those who are willing to invest in aerial advertising services. How do you do that? A company or individual simply hires a firm to design and print the huge ad. Then a plane is hired to pull the ad over a populated outdoor event. Statistics show more than half of those present will remember the message of the banner.

Aerial advertising has proven effective during fairs, firework shows, concerts, ball games, rush hour traffic, parades, water shows, races – just about anywhere an outside gathering of people may be found. It has been used by national companies and by local establishments to get more people to remember their company’s name. It has also been used to present birthday wishes and even as a way to propose!

Basically there are three different types of messages which aerial advertising companies offer. The first and most popular message is the flying billboard. This could be as large as 4000 square feet and often has the same content as a roadside billboard would have. The message is brief, informative, and catchy. Many contain websites and if the domain is easy to remember, people can learn more about the product when they get home. Secondly, aerial banners are long streamers with a message such as, “Special sale at Loretta’s this week,” or “Happy Birthday, Tom. We love you!” These can reach 100 feet or more in length. Third, some services allow these two to be combined using a billboard followed by a trailer (short banner) that gives more information. A restaurant may put its name and logo on the billboard with an address on the trailer, for example.

Some might wonder about the danger of a low flying single engine plane over a populated area. The present Federal Aviation Regulations require operators of aerial advertising to avoid flying directly over stadiums, beaches and such like. A minimum separation of 1000 feet over land and 500 feet over water is required. This puts the aircraft parallel to the waterline on the offshore side of the beach or directly outside the perimeter of arenas, stadiums, and racetracks over land. In spite of these limits, in all cases the ads are still quite visible.

When companies consider the number of people reached, the reusable nature of the banner, and how memorable this way of spreading their message is, an increasing number are concluding that airplane banner towing is the way to go.

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Aerial Advertising Is Most Remembered

Most businesses realize the importance of advertising and make it a significant part of their budget. Some opt for word-of-mouth ads and this certainly builds a solid base of clients who are happy with a product or service. But it is also a slow way to get a new business off the ground.

Therefore, some turn to high cost radio and television ads, aimed at a local community. Polls determine the number of people watching and this determines the price of the ad. However, too often channel surfing during breaks in a program cause these numbers to be inflated. Printed matter puts a coupon or offer in hand, that is, if they actually read it. Internet advertising is growing in popularity but may reach a much larger market than a local business wants to pay for.

To quickly and effectively inform a local population of a product or service, one novel plan is to use airplane advertising. This is the way it works. A firm is hired to make a large banner displaying a product or service message. Scheduled around a popular event such as a sporting event, beach, parade, or concert, it grabs the attention of the crowd, causing them to look up, read the ad which then sticks in their memory. How much does it cost? A lot less than you might think.

Though it costs less, aerial advertising reaches more people in a more effective way. One example is a beach in Miami that was advertised to and then, 30 minutes later, 2000 people were surveyed. The survey showed that 88% knew the ad had flown by, 79% could recall the product or service, and 67% could recall at least half of the exact message. Could the printed media or radio and TV ads match this effectiveness at a reasonable five dollars per thousand people targeted? Amazingly, you can reach the same number of people with less than half the budget required for traditional advertising by using aerial banners. Those spending significant amounts of their budget on traditional advertising would do well to consider this option.

People are curious. They will look up, see the banner, and wonder, “What does it say?” or “Who’s spending a lot of money trying to get us to know about their product?” For as much as seventeen seconds, they are able to read the banner several times. Some will have it memorized in that time. The uniqueness made an impression. They will remember the product.

For those concerned about the air pollution of the plane, consider in contrast the amount of land pollution resulting from fliers reaching the same number of people? Aerial advertising is non-invasive, without waste products, and proven effective.

Those interested in a cost effective means of making their product or service known in a specific local area would do well to consider banner towing.


What You Need to Know About Aerial Advertising

Advertising is obviously an important part of promoting a company or product. Billions of dollars are spend annually on advertising and, with research so prevalent, we can be sure that it is money well planned. Many ads include a glut of information, at times requiring the reader to scan the ad to see who made it. Is that much information always necessary to get results?

Airplane banner or billboard ads have several advantages. Since the ad is flown over a large congregation of people, it must be concise. A banner tow ad must convey just enough information to get people interested. A simple ad like this costs less and can be reused in other locations or in the same location at a later time.

Banner ads have the advantage of being quick to produce. Since they are, at most, one sentence, the time needed to make the idea fly is greatly reduced. Typos are rare and no coupons much be managed.

The concise message of a banner ad is designed to give only enough information to interest the customer. Further facts are available to those truly interested. Thus, the company is not paying for wasted printed materials.

The one drawback of aerial billboards and banner ads is that everything hinges on the impact of that short message. It has been said that to talk an hour, a speaker can wing it; to talk for ten minutes takes planning. This is true of banner ads also.  The message should be sharp and easy to read. It should do its best to convey to the audience what is being sold, provided, or conveyed in a way that will be remembered without effort.

In contrast, traditional ads provide facts, figures, and a good deal of information in order to coerce the customer to a particular business. They ideally provide information for how to reach the advertiser – address, phone number, email, even a contact person and phone number. They require you to produce a creative ad that will appeal to many people and be remembered amid the barrage of other ads. And, though often expensive, there is no guarantee they will even be read.

Airplane ads demand to be read. The novelty of a plane flying a streamer overhead compels those below to look up and read, probably several times. If well planned, the message will thus be remembered. This makes it cost effective. Thousands of people can be reached with plane advertising in a short period of time. And if a short message won’t say everything, why not combine airplane messages with advertising in the traditional realm to increase effectiveness? If a product or service already has a slogan, finding the right aerial advertising message is easy. It can draw attention to the product or printed ad the audience will receive another way. This multiplies its effectiveness.

If cost effectiveness is important to a company, consider the proven effectiveness of aerial advertising. Think of the customers rehashing your message over and over in their minds long after the banner is gone.

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Aerial Advertising Action Plan

With the barrage of highly competitive ads on TV and in print, many are setting their sights on aerial advertisement. As an airplane flies over a crowd of people, attention is drawn to their message streaming in the wind and there is no competition in sight!

Aerial advertising has been used to promote a business, a particular product, or even to propose marriage. It is a quick way to reach a large select audience with a message that is almost guaranteed to be read. The key is a well designed message that is easy to remember.

The first step is to know where you are headed. What would you like to have happen as a result of this advertising? Jot down your ideas and any creative ways to convey that goal through a simple message. Then discuss your idea with a design team. Compare your ideas with theirs and come up with a concept you feel will work for you.

The second step is to express the goal you have established in a message. The message may be long (some airplane banners are over 100 feet) or it may simply convey information about the location of further information, such as a website. Even a logo, if well known, can convey the message desired.

Next, discuss where the message should be delivered for greatest effectiveness. Aerial advertising is effective for the ad is flown over an open area where a large number of people are congregated. This might include beaches, theme parks, concerts, fairs, even over rush hour traffic. Again, the experts can help decide when and where your advertising dollars can be most effectively used.

Determine of you want to design the banner yourself or have an expert do it for you. Of course, you can save some cost by doing it yourself but don’t let this be the only factor. The message must be attractive and easy to remember to be effective.

Advertisers ask, “How long will people view my ad as it flies by”? The average view time for an airplane message is about 17 seconds. That is considerably longer than the few seconds a newspaper or magazine ad is viewed. Consider also that it is the only ad that will be seen or heard for those 17 seconds and they can’t ‘flip to another station.’ Also, the plane usually flies over an area multiple times and each time the message is brought to the minds of those below.

Banner advertising has proven effective. Picture your message streaming over a crowd of watchers. Give it a try and see if your revenues do not increase as a result.

So where can one find an aerial advertisement company? The best place to look is on the Internet. Shop around and see who will give the most air time for the money. Some companies design and print the banner as well as fly it for you. Why not give it a try? It may be better than you imagine.

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