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AirSign Aerial Advertising Works With HP

Watch AirSign at work…

One of the companies AirSign advertised for at the Super Bowl was Hewlett Packer. We flew a giant Aerial Billboard the whole weekend of the Super Bowl. This was HP’s first time to do Aerial Advertising and they were extremely happy with all that AirSign has done for them. Our goal is to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations and we did nothing less for HP.

The weather in Dallas had us a little worried as to whether we would be able to fly all the hours our clients had asked for. AirSign was able to step up to the plate and still fly all the hours booked. Our company is equipped and prepared for what may come up with weather and all that is involved with Aerial Advertising.

We had our own professional videographer at the events to capture this special time for our clients.

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Immortal Advertising

David Ogilvy, in reference to advertising, was quoted as saying…

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.”

Something to think about as the Super Bowl draws near. AirSign Aerial Advertising brings you massive attention without the distraction associated with most other means of advertising.