We have all seen a plane pull a banner overhead as we attended a sporting event or were at a beach. These aerial ads are a very successful means of getting a message across to a local group of people very quickly. The banner will contain the name or logo of a company, a service offered, news of an upcoming event, or even a marriage proposal!

Billboard ads are also flown over crowds of people. These can be as large as a roadside billboard but are much lighter. These aerial billboards are pulled by planes or even helicopters for helicopters can pull a greater weight. If the plane can handle it and the budget allows, some even pull a banner behind a billboard ad. It usually contains additional information like an address or webpage.

Helium filled balloons are used by local shops or stores to attract attention. Seeing the balloon high in the sky attached to a banner and leading to the ground, people will go out of their way to find out where it goes. An even higher form of aerial advertising is by hot air balloon, or blimp. Goodyear has made blimp advertising famous, though this is very expensive and probably cost prohibitive to most companies. Others make hot air balloons with the company logo or product displayed. Perhaps you think of Remax and their use of the balloon.

Another variation of this is remote controlled balloons that either advertise on the side, or carry an advertisement below them. These balloons are not lighter than air vehicles since they have to come down. Being unmanned means they can be much smaller for the balloons don’t have to lift the weight of a pilot.

These large balloons are propelled by a pusher prop attached to the rear of the balloon. The remote control unit determines the angle of the propeller, whether up, down, or turning. It actually resembles a slow moving model plane. When such a balloon displays an ad and is flown over a crowd of people, it will work much like a banner ad. The balloon can then be returned to the operator to be used again.

These balloons come in varying sizes, some starting at six feet and going to nearly twenty feet. They are not helium filled so preparing and launching them is simple. Of course, wind plays a factor with something so light and scheduled runs may need to be postponed.

How much would this type of advertising cost? A probably typical estimate for six foot balloons displaying a company sign or logo is about 1500 dollars. Larger sizes go from 4000 dollars for a thirteen foot, to 7000 dollars for a seventeen foot. Since a pilot is not needed for this type of ad, the owner can fly it any time he wants, that is, when the weather permits.

When you have your advertising message perfected, it is time to call a company that offers aerial advertising services who can guide you through the process of getting it printed and into the sky. The effort you put into making it just what you want will soon begin to turn into great results.

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