All we learn comes through our five senses. Advertisers try to appeal to as many as possible. For example, smell alone can sell fresh baked goods. Taste samples in grocery stores encourage people to buy the full package. Mattresses are not sold for looks but by feeling. People want to lie on them to imagine how comfortable they would be for an extended time.

Of the five senses, sight takes first place as most important. Researches discovered that 80% of what we learn is received through our eyes. Most of the rest comes through our ears. This means that radio ads must get the consumer to recall a vision, smell, feeling, or taste of the product through audio alone.

Advertisers are smart to keep that 80% in mind when planning their ads. If they can include sounds, that’s even better. But printed ads can be read over and over and thus influence more people than sound alone.

Visual advertisement uses words and pictures. Words are abstract representations of real objects. The word ‘mom’ brings to mind a person, and good or bad memories. Words can also represent products. Some slogans have become famous. One of the best know was the Wendy’s ad phrase, “Where’s the beef?” Though mostly heard, it sold millions of hamburgers.

It is rarely how many words are used but which words that is important in an ad. People are usually too busy to read a long message and it is more expensive anyway. The message must be catchy yet have content. This balance is hard to achieve.

Sometimes humor is just the ingredient needed to make an ad unique. It generally makes an ad easier to remember. Alaska airlines’ ads did an excellent of portraying their qualities through exaggerating the competition’s weaknesses. Their humorous ads won many awards and kept people watching.

Sometimes the ad is so brief that it only reminds consumers of facts they already know. The colors of Pepsi alone will sell the product. A motto or logo or symbol without words will associate their need with the company’s product. In other words, the picture is all the ad needed.

In summary, good ads use visual and audio, use precise words, and may add a touch of humor. This combination will most likely get the attention of the public. It requires creativity but is achievable. Once this is done, then the company must choose where the ad will appear. Some creative people have put their brief message on a banner and paid to have it flown over a large group of people. This is a banner ad. It effectively gets the concise message to many people at minimal cost. With the added audio of the plane’s engine to attract attention, both sight and sound are giving the one-two punch to drive the message home to the consumers.

Once you have followed these principles, it is time to get in touch with a banner towing company and get it printed and into the air. It won’t take long before your well planned message will be read by thousands and the result in sales will follow.

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