Aerial Advertising and Spring Break

Spring Break is here! This means AirSign is busy on the beaches. We have several large companies which we are advertising for this Spring. We are excited about the new relationships we have made and look forward to making more. One of the things that brings AirSign above all of the other banner tow companies, is how we value the relationship with our clients. We take our duty of advertising for these companies very seriously. The individual that sells the job is the same person who is there to walk you through the whole process and endurance of the contract. We will do everything we can to make your advertising effective and make this a wonderful experience for you and your company.

Now, I would like to talk to you a little bit about Aerial Advertising. What makes this way of advertising different and more effective than all the other types of advertising? Keeping reading, I have the answers. We’ll start with beating out the billboards — say your driving down the Interstate or you’re in a big city, you are overwhelmed with billboards. There are so many that you can’t see each one as an individual advertisement. They are just a sea of colors and words. Five minutes after seeing all these signs, you won’t remember what you just saw. Now let’s switch to radio and TV ads. When the commercials come on the radio, I always switch the station. Never fails. Then, with TV ads, 99% of the time I switch the channel or I get up to get a snack or drink.

This is where Aerial Advertising rises above all the others. When your Aerial Billboard is flying in the sky, it is not overcome by all the other aerial signs in the sky. The sky isn’t full of billboards so your sign can’t help but be noticed and remembered. I can still remember all the aerial banners I saw last Spring Break in Panama City!

This year, we are in several locations doing Spring Break work. We still have available times that your company can take advantage of and join the world of Aerial Advertising. We have people here ready to assist you in every way possible to get your company to in the sky!

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AirSign Aerial Advertising Works With HP

Watch AirSign at work…

One of the companies AirSign advertised for at the Super Bowl was Hewlett Packer. We flew a giant Aerial Billboard the whole weekend of the Super Bowl. This was HP’s first time to do Aerial Advertising and they were extremely happy with all that AirSign has done for them. Our goal is to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations and we did nothing less for HP.

The weather in Dallas had us a little worried as to whether we would be able to fly all the hours our clients had asked for. AirSign was able to step up to the plate and still fly all the hours booked. Our company is equipped and prepared for what may come up with weather and all that is involved with Aerial Advertising.

We had our own professional videographer at the events to capture this special time for our clients.

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Immortal Advertising

David Ogilvy, in reference to advertising, was quoted as saying…

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.”

Something to think about as the Super Bowl draws near. AirSign Aerial Advertising brings you massive attention without the distraction associated with most other means of advertising.


Capture Your Prospect’s Attention at the Beach

beach ad

The beach is the perfect place to relax and find peace of mind with its gentle breeze and cool waters. Yet, behind those sandy shores and clear waters is where opportunities flock. People find it appealing to gather on beaches hence, enabling them to do many good things. It is a possibility of rekindling a lost love or a possibility to express and tell anybody what you want to say. It is a place where you can think of anything. That is the best time for businesses to grab the chance to advertise what they can offer. Beach aerial advertising then is the perfect tool.

Beach aerial advertising is an eye-catching advertisement that conveys messages of products and services offered of personal thoughts of love, appreciation and apology through a banner up in the air tailed by an airplane. See a regular person on a hot day. The warm weather, arid throats and alluring cold waters add up to many thoughts in the mind. Would it be nice to have a Suntan lotion for a perfect tan? Or a very cold ice cream or iced cola to satisfy my thirst? Or some gears to help me enjoy the cold waters? These are needs that one person can think that requires solution. What more to the rest of the people in that same condition?

Creating a solution is not enough if not conveyed to people in need of such. Hence, advertising can easily convey your solution to anyone in need of it. An attractive form of advertisement is a good strategy to outshine rivals even with overused and crowded forms of promotions. Beach aerial advertising is one of a kind advertisement that attracts people at one glance with its capacity to convey messages up in the air. This is among the innovative since people fancy something new and up to date.

Not only does it work in advertisement, beach aerial advertising is a moving way of expressing one’s feelings for another. See a man lost for words in telling his woman how much he loved her. Take her to the beach, one of the most romantic places in the world. With those cool breezes, gentle sounds of water splashing and bare feet on sandy shores, the man looks the woman in her eyes with a tiny box in one hand and an airplane with the sweet message of “Will you marry me?” The woman will be dumb folded and say nothing but yes to a great man who took all the effort to impress her with the perfect proposal.

Beach aerial advertising is about promoting your solution to people’s needs or expressing emotions in the most romantic and unique way. It is cost-efficient since only when the plane flies and landed will one pays for the advertisement. With beach aerial advertising, you get the best at paying less.

AirSign has been providing attention grabbing beach aerial advertising through their aerial advertising services over and around popular vacation destinations since 1996. Call them at 888-645-3442 and ask them to fly your message. It will not be forgotten.

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The Unique Method of Skywriting in Mass Advertising

unique skywriting

This type of advertisement has been going on for a few years now.   The method of skywriting makes use of aircrafts powered by jet steam to display eye catching puffs of smoke that form lines or shapes which calls you to attention..  From being a favorite past time, skywriting has become more than just a display of entertainment.  This technique has paved its way the media circle wherein advertisement strengthened its appeal.

Skywriting is an aerial advertising service that can be witnessed during outdoor events that call for a celebration like sport shows, air shows, the holidays and just anytime vacation season.  The factors that drive this spectacular display would be a well powered jet plane or a similar craft with a skilled pilot who has been well trained to do exactly his thing.

If you are wondering how much the total cost is of having to get your message across the horizon, then it would be best for you to look around for competitive rates as the prices actually range depending on the different factors involved.  Also, you would want to take a look at the technical skills of the pilot and the crew that the companies hire and of course, the aircraft that they will be using, as well as other expenses.

Aerial advertising has proven to have shown its bite to the advertising industry as a whole lot of companies have invested in it as their form of market strategy.  As research showed that this is one form of advertising that allows a larger percentage of information retention than most types of ads such as print, TV, and radio.   This has by far caught the attention of today’s advertising companies since people are in the market for something that definitely stands out from the rest.

Skywriting would easily have an access to those crowds of people in open areas where they will find it will be easy to have their message sent across.   Puffs of air, made from biodegradable substances in order to abide by environmental standards, are used by the jet to display the message which will be written in just a few seconds.  These messages also would tend to be eye catching since they can be as large as building and would last about 7 to 8 minutes in the sky.

What’s more good news about this form of media is that it is competitively within the range of cost or if you take a look at it per thousand, it is relatively cheaper.  A TV ad would last you only about 30 seconds and you would probably have missed half of it if you surf continuously through channels.  Which would be more appealing to you?  A large message written in the sky viewed by a lot of people would definitely work.

This is one of those methods that covers a very wide rang of audience since the message is seen by millions across the sky at a given period of time during a longer period of time as compared to watching TV commercials, listening to radio stints or passing through print ads.

This is a new era to advertising and it’s no wonder why a lot of people are doing this.  People are recognizing and appreciating its sense of advertising and more investors are trying it out since it is cost effective and covers a wider range of audience than most advertisements would.

Have you ever been drawn to look up at the sky and saw writings form from clouds in the air? That is what we call Skywriting. This is today’s way of catching a huge crowd’s attention among all the advertisements plastered on city walls, posts, and billboards.

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NASCAR Racing Provides Focused Crowds


Advertising is widely used all over the world.  Wherever you go, these products of advertisement are sensed.  Any business would allocate cost for advertisement in order to be successful.  Since there are a number of people potential as buyers, any kind of business are finding ways to advertise, hence a clutter is created.  As consequence, this will make your products and services identical with the others. The secret is creating ways to make your products and services exceptional from the rest, therefore grabbing interest of the market and make you the number one brand.

Most products and services are promoted in traditional advertisements. Commercials are aired more than the regular shows in local TVs, radios and newspapers. Why is it that important to advertise? By advertising, we promote our products to our potential target market that are unreachable. These traditional ways are very effective hence overcrowding is created.

So, how then can we advertise that will really make people remember what we offer? With the advent of technology and inventing almost anything comes the trend of Aerial Advertising. This type of advertising is done as an airplane tows your product banner up in the air for anyone to see. It is very easy and inexpensive since you only have to pay from the time the airplane launched until it landed. If done in the right place and time, this kind of advertisement is very effective.

In most events and occasions, advertisements take part and are one of the busiest. This is when one big crowd assembles in one location to celebrate one special theme. The United States is proud to hold one of the famous events in the world, the NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing sponsored events. It is when the largest crowd is seen worldwide. By flying your ads up over the NASCAR sponsored car race will attract much attention by spectators below. Moreover, given that the NASCAR events gather much people, more people can then know of what you can offer them. In addition, this type of advertisement is novelty and eye-catching, something they cannot easily forget as it takes part as a special something in that event.

To conclude, doing some promotions for your products and services will aid you to success. Knowing what technique is the best will even aid your better. One thing to remember is to perform them in the right way.

AirSign has been providing professional aerial advertisement at racing events since 1996. Check the NASCAR calendar on their site for opportunities in the area you’re interested in.

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How Aerial Ads Are the Best Way to Reach the Spring Break Students

spring break

Yearly, spring marks the one week migration of college students to the beaches of Florida and Texas for their annual break from the books. This year an estimated 2.5 to 3 million will be basking in the sun on the beaches. They will not only spent plenty of money during that week, but they also represent $125-$130 billion dollars in spending power during the year. How that kind of money will be spent is yet to be determined, based on the skill of effective advertising aimed at them.

Many are taking their ad directly to the students in the form of an aerial banner or billboard ad. Aerial advertising is well known. A company or individual hires a plane to pull a banner displaying their message. Some banners are as long as 70 feet; they will usually display contact information such as a webpage or phone number. (Billboard aerial ads are like highway billboards only they are flown over the people instead of people driving by.) Most merchants subscribe to a flight duration of one to two hours. It is estimated that the banner is visible for about 17 seconds during each pass. How many times could the idle students read that ad if it passed by, say, 20 times? By the time an hour is up, your message will be imprinted in their brains.

Students relax and try to stop thinking deep thoughts during this week. It is a week of vacation and they have planned to spend money. As they lie on the beach, an airplane flies overhead, catching their attention. They look up and see your ad pulled behind the plane. Your company is immediately far ahead of the competition in reaching this market.

The items or services offered in the aerial ads could be for something they will want to buy when they return to college. On the other hand, many of the ads are for items they will need immediately, like ads for restaurants or clothing. Here is a wonderful chance to impact one of the largest gatherings of impulsive buyers during the whole year.

With the economy is shambles and unemployment high, many advertisers are cutting back. Instead, exploit this opportunity as a week of profit. The spring break students aren’t thinking about the economy or even the future. They just want to have some fun, regardless of the cost. One tourism expert calls them “recession-proof” since they probably aren’t going to cut their expenses for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Modern electronic technology makes the selling even quicker. One merchant says he has his phone number on the banner and, almost immediately, he is being texted with orders. Others use G3 networks to order things on the Internet. The cost of the advertising is returned quickly and profits follow.

Another advantage of aerial ads is that they can be timeless. An advertiser could pay the full amount for a banner and flight this year. When it is over, the banner can be stored and used again next year. Some might even want their banner flown during another week or in a different location. The banners are well made and will last a long time.

Many despair that the economy is bad and it will affect us all. Opportunists are, instead, using aerial advertising to make a profit on the huge crowd that will storm the beaches of Florida and Texas this March.

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Applying Curiosity in Advertising

superad airsign

Americans are bombarded with advertising in every part of life. They go to a movie and are given ads for more movies. They watch TV and find nearly as much time is spent on the ads as on the programs. They drive down the street and see billboards and shop signs. They read the news and find it surrounded with appeals to get their money.

Advertisers must come up with a way to overcome the mental block set up by consumers. How can you get the public to notice your ad above the thousands of others? One method employed to do this is building curiosity with sounds and sights.

Music is often employed to enhance an ad. Many ads on television include music that will draw attention to the product. Other sounds are used as well. The 1950’s Superman series was loved by children because of the woosh sound when Superman landed or took off.

Visual anticipation is also used. A blanket over the newest model of a car builds curiosity. Women in ads sell more to both men and women than men do. Movie previews take a collage of clips to titillate the imagination and make people too curious about how it all falls together to miss the full show.

Using both sight and sound will give a greater advantage to an ad. The more senses that are addressed, the more likely it is that the consumer will notice. Yet, this becomes normal if everyone is doing it and again your ad is lost in the crowd.

Aerial Banners are unique in this way for they appeal to sight, sound, and they are the only ad around at the time. A long banner or a billboard trails behind an airplane over a large congregation of people. With no other ads in sight on a beach or music festival, the ad will have the full attention of the audience.

Imagine you are sitting on a beach, enjoying the sun when in the distance you hear the drone of an airplane. You have time and interest so you look up to check it out. Coming toward you is a single engine plane pulling a banner with a message written on it. Your curiosity rises. What does it say? You watch with anticipation until you can read the message and you probably do this several times in the 17 seconds it passes.

The plane passes by several times in the next hour, each time reminding you of the message of the banner. By then you have it memorized. The airplane alone causes the message to rehearse in your mind.

The advertiser has reached his goal. He has built your curiosity, used sights and sounds to present you the message, and repeated it without competition for attention until it was fixed in your memory. And no competitors could get a word in edgewise during that time. If his product or service is of use to you, it is pretty sure that his name will be your first choice.

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Remote Controlled Balloons Can Promote Your Product


We have all seen a plane pull a banner overhead as we attended a sporting event or were at a beach. These aerial ads are a very successful means of getting a message across to a local group of people very quickly. The banner will contain the name or logo of a company, a service offered, news of an upcoming event, or even a marriage proposal!

Billboard ads are also flown over crowds of people. These can be as large as a roadside billboard but are much lighter. These aerial billboards are pulled by planes or even helicopters for helicopters can pull a greater weight. If the plane can handle it and the budget allows, some even pull a banner behind a billboard ad. It usually contains additional information like an address or webpage.

Helium filled balloons are used by local shops or stores to attract attention. Seeing the balloon high in the sky attached to a banner and leading to the ground, people will go out of their way to find out where it goes. An even higher form of aerial advertising is by hot air balloon, or blimp. Goodyear has made blimp advertising famous, though this is very expensive and probably cost prohibitive to most companies. Others make hot air balloons with the company logo or product displayed. Perhaps you think of Remax and their use of the balloon.

Another variation of this is remote controlled balloons that either advertise on the side, or carry an advertisement below them. These balloons are not lighter than air vehicles since they have to come down. Being unmanned means they can be much smaller for the balloons don’t have to lift the weight of a pilot.

These large balloons are propelled by a pusher prop attached to the rear of the balloon. The remote control unit determines the angle of the propeller, whether up, down, or turning. It actually resembles a slow moving model plane. When such a balloon displays an ad and is flown over a crowd of people, it will work much like a banner ad. The balloon can then be returned to the operator to be used again.

These balloons come in varying sizes, some starting at six feet and going to nearly twenty feet. They are not helium filled so preparing and launching them is simple. Of course, wind plays a factor with something so light and scheduled runs may need to be postponed.

How much would this type of advertising cost? A probably typical estimate for six foot balloons displaying a company sign or logo is about 1500 dollars. Larger sizes go from 4000 dollars for a thirteen foot, to 7000 dollars for a seventeen foot. Since a pilot is not needed for this type of ad, the owner can fly it any time he wants, that is, when the weather permits.

When you have your advertising message perfected, it is time to call a company that offers aerial advertising services who can guide you through the process of getting it printed and into the sky. The effort you put into making it just what you want will soon begin to turn into great results.

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Using Aerial Ads to Display Your Message in the Night Sky

What is the last frontier? Is it space as some claim? Is it the oceans? For advertisers, it may well be the sky. It is like an immense surface on which to write a message for all to see. In a way, the sky is the last frontier in advertising. Aerial advertising makes great use of this resource by displaying banners or billboards that are pulled behind planes over large crowds at a beach, sporting event or the like. This way the message is read by a large number of people in a very short time.

Not long ago aerial messages were mostly novelty announcements like wishing someone a happy anniversary or flying a proposal for marriage. But today most of the messages are advertisements for special events coming up, for products or services, or for a political candidate.

These banners or billboards are usually pulled behind airplanes though some with extra large billboards or banners have used helicopters also. Still others write their message on a blimp or use a remote controlled balloon to sell their product. Any way it is done, a message in the sky almost demands to be read by everyone aware of its presence. Advertisers have found aerial ads to be a low cost but effective way to get their message before a large audience quickly.

A more recent form of aerial advertising is night ads. These are lighted messages that can best be read once the sun goes down. One wonders if some of them might be reported as UFO’s though a quick read of the message shows it is genuine and often helpful information.

The display is made in the same way the message on the bank marquee is made, with lights forming the words or numbers. The computerized moving characters appear on the underside of the plane, from wing to wing. One company states the advertising message is displayed on a 36 foot long grid containing 252 lights. Each letter is eight feet tall.

The moving letters are about eight feet high and are made of high intensity individual lights. Like the bank sign, the message can blink on and off, can be made bold, can travel right or left, can scroll up or down, and can sweep right or left. By using a creative variety, the attention of the audience is kept as they wonder what else it will say.

This display, though not yet in color, has several advantages over daytime banner ads. The preparation of the message is just a matter of typing the words or numbers into the computer. The message can be repeated or reworded for variety. There is no need for risky low level flying to get the message into the air as with banners.  The aerial night ad can be longer and contain more information also. A disadvantage is that people are generally indoors at night and less likely to read the message.

Someone interested in this form of advertising should first work on wording their message. It is recommended that it not exceed 45 characters for this is the amount that can be scrolled across the plane during the 17 seconds of a pass. Of course, be sure all the information you want to convey is in those letters. Next, check the internet to see if a company that provides airplane banners is available to the audience you want to target. The effort and expensive will most likely pay off for writing in the sky, whether in daylight or dark, demands to be read.

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